An Introduction to SixThirty

Read on for our Founding Principles, Beliefs, and Perch

A global enterprise VC focused on driving collaboration between b2b startups and incumbents

SixThirty is a family of enterprise technology venture funds. In 2020, we entered our seventh year of investing in early stage enterprise (B2B) FinTech, InsurTech and Cybersecurity companies and driving collaboration with leading incumbents looking to embrace emerging technologies and new business models.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, with team members in Amsterdam, Singapore and New York, SixThirty is named after the Gateway Arch, a structure that stands at 630 feet tall and symbolizes access and opportunity.

SixThirty is built on a simple principle: revenue is the best form of capital for a start-up. Corollary: Collaboration and co-creation are key to accelerating speed-to-market and speed-to-scale in enterprise tech.

‘If you are hungry for capital, go to San Francisco.
If you are hungry for revenue, come to St. Louis.’

SixThirty has championed revenue growth for enterprise tech (B2B) start-ups since our inception. Scaling B2B revenues requires access and collaboration: Access to decision makers, collaboration with intrapreneurs, coaching from subject-matter experts, integration with data and tech infrastructure and cooperation of incumbent vendors. Taken together, they shrink time-to-market and time-to-scale, drive capital efficiency and investment returns.

We deliver, both, strategic returns and investment returns for our corporate partners.

Incumbents need the agility and inventiveness of start-ups to fend off the pressure from tech companies like Google, Amazon and disruptive technology companies that are picking off the most profitable parts of their value chain and challenging their core infrastructure. They need to efficiently scan the start-up market, have their leaders engage with start-ups and build the innovation muscle, while managing a portfolio of partnership and investment candidates.

We are a force multiplier.

SixThirty exists to engineer such access and collaboration between our two stakeholders: early stage enterprise tech companies and a network of incumbents, our corporate partners. We are a force multiplier for both. Core to our investing model is the SixThirty’s Go-to-Market program, an asset available only to our portfolio companies and corporate partners. The program is designed to drive collaboration and help our portfolio companies scale.

We look for three simple attributes in companies and founders that we invest in:

· Data & Design: Ideas that use data to enable better decisions; And are designed for adoption, trust, integration and scale (ATIS) in a connected world

· Vitamin C & D: Founders who can, both, collaborate [C] and disrupt [D]

· B2B/Enterprise tech: Ideas relevant to our corporate LPs and aligned to their strategic and investment agendas around growth, risk, costs, security and client experience

It is an exciting time for SixThirty. Our network and hands-on collaboration in FinTech, InsurTech and CyberSecurity provide us a unique vantage point on emerging opportunities — and how incumbents and start-ups are viewing the future of their businesses.

We have a unique vantage point as the worlds of insurance, health, wealth and privacy collide to deliver on a broader definition of personal wellbeing

Over the past three years, we have seen the worlds of finance, insurance, medical health and privacy collide — on the ground and in boardrooms. Driving the convergence is a ‘perfect storm’ of pressures that challenge our sense of personal wellbeing including, shifts in accountability for retirement and health care, the hyperinflation in the cost of medical costs, and relentless breaches of our private information.

The other side of these pressures is opportunity. People view their wellbeing as connected across many dimensions, including wealth, health and privacy. Data is serving as the common bond across these industry verticals — how we use it, share it and secure it to deliver on a broader definition of personal wellbeing. There is room for big, bold ideas. The SixThirty model stands ready to help our network of corporate partners strategize and collaborate with an increasingly complex ecosystem, and for the most promising enterprise tech founders to access and gain scale with key partners to build great businesses

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