HOW — 2020 was the Year that Changed Us

Organically, what each team member reflected on were changes to the HOW.

Our WHY stood its ground. We invest in the most promising startups and drive collaboration between founders and incumbents to accelerate growth and strengthen competitiveness. Our WHAT got amplified, particularly our collaboration model and investment thesis to invest at the intersection of wealth, health & privacy.

We gain a huge advantage being close to the action, on the ground, in our respective regions.

This year, the serendipitous meetings that usually occur by being physically in the same place at the time have been off the table. Conversations among thought-leaders, industry insiders, and visionary founding teams, however, have not halted, and we recognized that we are not going to stumble upon them based on location.

What a nice surprise in an incredibly difficult year that we were able to accomplish work goals at SixThirty, and I was able to add time to the schedule to spend getting to know my son during this formidable time of his life.

As hard as 2020 has been, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We were able to create strong personal connections despite the reality of our new physically-distanced world.

For the kickoff event, we hosted a scavenger hunt where each participant was tasked with finding different items inside their home, i.e. a souvenir, a pet, or even a child. Through this experience, we learned a great deal about the group and caught a humanizing glimpse into each other’s personal lives.

We knew that our culture was something we were unwilling to sacrifice in the pandemic.

Though a logistical challenge, we orchestrated the delivery of meals to our global team with the goal of honoring this tradition. With no centralized service to facilitate these timed deliveries, google maps and scheduled food delivery technology became our best friend. Through research and collaboration with each colleague, we were able to deliver the lunch (or dinner or dessert, based on the time zone) of their choosing to enjoy with the group.

After the initial shock of Covid, executive accessibility actually increased and opportunities for our portfolio companies that were in the middle and bottom of the sales funnel progressed, sometimes faster.

It was the top of the funnel that suffered, establishing new relationships was much harder. As Aristotle noted, we are social animals; the digital connection won’t be replacing the power of the human connection anytime soon.

In a world of AI and machine learning, it is the human connection and uniquely human attributes of trust, courage, loyalty, generosity, and teamwork that are so critical to our everyday work.

That has not and will not change. How we get there experienced a major shift (as I wrote, Distance is Dead. Distance is Back), but strong relationships and human understanding remain at the core.



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