Portfolio Analysis: an ESG Lens

We surveyed 35 startups in our portfolio: 22 in the Americas, 11 in EMEA, and 2 based in Asia. Here’s a breakdown of what we discovered:

Diversity & Inclusion: For startups, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment from the start can give them a leg-up on the competition as they grow and scale. 51% of the companies have a female or diverse founder, and 60% have a woman or minority on their board. However, only 11% of companies reported >50% of company ownership is held by women and minorities combined.

1. Sharing Norms

2. Goal Setting for Success

3. Security Management

4. Carbon Offsets

5. Encourage Recycling

6. Act Now

We look forward to continuing to make progress on the impact of our portfolio across environmental, social and governance initiatives in the coming years. For more information on our initial report findings, please contact: molly@sixthirty.co .



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